We help entrepreneurs become business owners and investors

We teach entrepreneurs how to increase the cash flow in their own business, and invest it so that it pays them income for life.



Discover the 4 secrets that keep most entrepreneurs from living a life of true freedom

In the past years, I've...


Founder, Beyond Entrepreneurs

Discover the 4 Pillars of the Gemini Lifestyle


Implement systems to scale your business, spend less time in it, and increase your cash flow every year


Grow your wealth by investing in high-growth opportunities outside your own business


Create passive income outside your own business so it can pay for the life you want


Build an international network of high-value people to invest with, travel the world and enjoy life

How does it work?

We developed a 6-week Masterclass where we teach you the method to help you build the 4 Pillars of the Entrepreneur-Investor Lifestyle into your own life. Here’s what you’ll get:

12 Blueprints

Twice a week, a detailed, step-by-step written Blueprint that explains how to set up each pillar of the Entrepreneur-Investor Lifestyle

Live Q&A Call

A call where members can ask questions and where we go into the details of the Blueprint and give special tips and strategies too sensitive to be written in the Blueprint

Member Area

24/7 access to an online member area with videos to help you set up everything you’ll need: brokerage accounts, bank accounts, internet security, etc.

FB Group

A closed Facebook group where we share our tips, tricks and secrets with peers that are on the same path as you are.


  • 12 step-by-step blueprints sent to your inbox
  • A live Q&A call with other members
  • 24/7 access to our member area
  • Access to our private Facebook group

Join Our 6-week Masterclass

The Beyond Entrepreneurs: Masterclass is a 6-week program where we teach you the step-by-step method to go from being an entrepreneur to a well-connected business owner and international investor.

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There is a proven method to becoming an Entrepreneur-Investor

What Our Members Are Saying

Guys! I really love the way you explain these things in a comprehensive, clear way. As a woman, I always felt that investing was nothing for me, but now I feel that I finally start making my own decisions and investments. Thank you so much!

Sophie Leightley -


You guys and your content are brilliant. Thanks for putting it out there. I learn more here than in most high-priced programs. Keep doing it and thank you for the Gemini Masterclass! It truly is a secret that I am not going to reveal to anybody!

Kenneth Yu -


I have known Wiet and Alex for more than a year now. Together, they really helped us (Secret City Trails) to be more authentic and truthful to what we really stand for. That has lead to many more successes in the business! I truly recommend them!

Kristina Palovicova -


To everyone out there that is an entrepreneur: these guys know what they are talking about! I have a Marketing business with lots of international clients, so I was convinced that nobody could teach me something new. But man, was I wrong!

Nico Milis -


Wiet has been like a business mentor to me for the past years. I made the change from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur and he has guided me throughout the whole process. I am a huge fan!

Chi Wei -


The Gemini Secret has drastically changed my perspective on business and investing. I have booked great results as a consequence of following their methods, advice, and of course, the Gemini Masterclass!

Michael O’Donnel -


Questions? Answered!

We’d love to take your questions, but maybe it’s already right here!

Yes – or at least you have to have every intention to do so. Some of the members of our Masterclass aren’t entrepreneurs, but they have big balls and an entrepreneurial mindset. The goal of the Masterclass, however, is to teach you to become a better entrepreneur and investor, to gain total financial freedom. If you’re looking for investment advice, this is probably not your home.

No. The Entrepreneur-Investor lifestyle is all about learning how to consistently invest in assets that will generate income forever. You need to start learning this when you’re small, so you don’t make the mistakes when you have a lot.

As most successful people will tell you, the journey never ends. To discover the Entrepreneur-Investor lifestyle was was an eye-opening experience for us that radically changed our lives for the better. Today, we love what we do and what we have and feel that giving other people access to the method we learned is one of the greatest ways we can give back and serve something bigger than ourselves. 

Yes, yes and yes. 100%. We walk the walk every single day. Our businesses have grown tremendously over the years and we have many employees and management staff now. But we will never forget where we came from. We know the floor. We know how it’s like to start of with nothing. So we know where you’re at.

Yes, but because we value our time highly, we take very few clients. That is not an excuse to charge ridiculous amounts of money for coaching but to clarify that we may not be accepting any more clients if you ask us. That being said, each of our coaching missions is individually tailored to your needs, so if you’re interested, feel free to reach out to us at info@beyondentrepreneurs.com

Yes. The Mastermind is designed as a 6-week program for you to go through thoroughly. After this program, people that have successfully implemented the strategies usually join our Inner Circle, where we invest in exclusive private deals. and travel the world together. Once a member, you’ll also get access to an incredible network of people.

About us

Beyond Entrepreneurs is not a financial advisor, nor an investment broker. We are just two entrepreneur-investors that want to help as many people with a system that brought wealth, joy and freedom to our lives. If you disagree or want to react with something we say, reach out to at info@beyondentrepreneurs.com. We’ll be happy to listen to you.

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