Mediterranean Sea

You should have the mentor I didn’t have back then

This morning, I woke up with a sea view. 
Also, I woke up with my daughter’s hand on my face. 
Actually, it was the hand that woke me up, and not the soft breeze here at the Mediterranean coast. 
It’s holiday time, and we’re enjoying it. It makes me think about how lucky I am. 
You see, last week I wrote about a guy I helped financially when he was financially in trouble, but not so many years ago, I was that guy. 
The first years of my entrepreneurial life where horrible. First, I was alone and completely on my own. Second, I was cocky. I thought I was so smart because my first few years in business had been a big success. While in fact, I had been lucky.
Without even considering taking advice from people who knew, I went about it at full speed on my own and made a lot of bad decisions. Going from business partners to strategic investment decisions. 
I ended up losing every single company I owned but one and every single penny. 
That’s a hard nut to crack when you were a millionaire before.
So, from zero to hero and back to zero in 7 years. 
But there was one thing I didn’t lose. My work ethic and the financial education I had built up over the years. 
Those were the two things that made me come back, but this time on a whole different level. This time I chose my partners well. I went about it again at full speed, but with precision and accuracy. 
This time, I also found the right mentors who guided me along the process.
How about you? How are you set up for success right now? Are you going solo? Do you feel like the project you’re working on is bound for success? Do you have a mentor you can rely on? 
If there’s one thing I definitely do not regret when I look back at the period when I was broke and alone, is that I kept investing in finding a mentor. 
I found many, and because of them, I am where I am today.
If you are not where you want to be today, look for the person who can be a mentor to you. 
He or she is out there and is willing to help. If you only prove yourself worthy.
To Freedom,

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