Become Your Best Elon Musk Version

Yesterday, I was in a brainstorm on how we could move forward with our business(es). 
To no surprise, we had plenty of ideas. We got so excited and happy.
In fact, the more ideas we had, the more we got excited.
Sounds familiar?
As entrepreneurs, we easily get excited. We are enthusiasts. We are risk-takers. We love life and above all: we love exciting opportunities.
If we would take them all, only one thing is certain. We would be super-busy, moving around like crazy. But we might not be very successful and efficient.

“Never confuse movement with progress”, my mentor keeps saying to me. And he’s right.
Probably the trickiest part of being an entrepreneur is to keep your direction and focus. To keep the energy flowing in one direction. 
But then you read about some Entrepreneur-Rockstar who has a thousand projects going on and everything he or she touches turns into gold. 
Mostly, however, that is not true at all. Truly great entrepreneurs focus on the sole thing they are good at and then find a way to invest alongside great people who are great in another thing. 
In fact, you don’t even want to be running too many things, the lack of focus will stress you out and wear you down. It will become very difficult to see progress.
The real secret is to find your way to a thriving business through something you are really good at, where you can serve a lot of people, and keep doing that to make a lot of money.
That’s your engine.
Then you find a way to make that money work for you so it will pay you for life. To become a smart and well-connected investor.
Only two things. Not more. As an investor, you can be involved in multiple businesses at the same time. That will satisfy your need for opportunity and excitement.
So, do you want to be super-busy, or super-efficient, well-connected and focused?
To freedom,

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