Fear is a liar

F*ck you Fear

This newsletter is a difficult one. Because the subject is extremely sensitive. 
Therefore, I want you to know that the only thing we are writing for is your success. 
Because your success is, in the end, our success. 
Now I have this cleared out, let’s dive right into it.
I want you to think back to the last moment you were afraid.
I mean really scared. 
Maybe you were confronted with infringing law authorities. Maybe you watched too much of the news lately. Maybe you just saw a Youtube video claiming that the corona pandemic is, in fact, one big conspiracy theory to enslave humanity.
Or maybe your kid didn’t come home on time one evening. Maybe you got a phone call once when someone dear to you was in the hospital. 
Or maybe the idea of losing your job and company in this big economic meltdown is scaring the hell out of you.
Or maybe you were hit with Corona – I know some of our readers were hit- and were taken to the hospital.
Those were moments I truly do not wish upon anyone, but no matter how lucky we are in life, there will be a time that something really scary happens in your life.
Now take a deep breath and sit down.
Let me ask you one simple question. Are you still going?
The answer, of course, is yes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. It might have nearly killed you, but it didn’t. 
The outcome might have been terrible, and you still have to live with the consequences of it every day. 
Anyway, it means that you are a brave human being. Someone exceptional. You encountered all this pain, fear, and suffering, but you still didn’t give up.
I also truly believe this is why we have a natural respect for older people. 
They have a track record that surpasses you and me in not giving up.
Now, I wanted to share with you this one simple, yet very important truth.
Fear is a liar.
Fear is a liar because it tells you to give up. It seduces you to be less than you really are.
Fear is a liar because it wants you to fail when in fact, you have everything in you to succeed.
You have surmounted many -or not so many- fears, problems, and challenges in the past.
Therefore, I want you to say:

“Fuck you Fear, I will succeed, as I have done in the past. And if I don’t succeed, that means it’s simply not over yet.”
To freedom,

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