6 skills to become a millionaire

6 skills that tell you’ll be a millionaire

I was just listening to the song ‘Society’ by Eddie Vedder. Apart from being the beautiful song from the movie ‘Into the wild’, it made me think about how money and happiness work together.
A lot of people make you think you have to choose. You choose either money or happiness, but they both are hard to combine.
I don’t agree.
With Beyond entrepreneurs we are telling you for a long time now that money isn’t an end goal, but it sure can be a great start for a beautiful life.
We want you to be rich and happy. Honestly. But to become rich, you have to have some skills. 
The 6 core skills listed here below are actually very common amongst millionaires. They are, if you wish, the 6 core competencies rich people possess. If you recognize yourself in those, it might be a sign you’re all set up for a life of wealth and happiness.

  1. Being Economical

Or at least the will to save. Those who want to become rich spend less, make a budget for everything and… respect that budget. 

  1. Financial management

You likely won’t earn your way to millions, but you can invest your way there. You dare to invest but also keep control over the allocations in your portfolio.

  1. Responsibility

You and you alone are responsible for your own financial wellbeing. Millionaires take that responsibility serious and live to it. 

  1. Future oriented

You outline your financial future based on specific objectives and goals.

  1. Focus

You don’t get distracted by setbacks or windfalls. You stay focused until you reach your goal.

  1. Social indifference

Social pressure has no effect on you. If your best friend just bought the latest smartphone, you don’t feel you also need the latest new gadget. 
The first and last skill are critical. Willingly spend less than you earn and don’t let your wants be influenced by others. 

Especially in these days of market turmoil and global recession glooming, these skills can become even more vital than ever before.
To freedom,

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