Wanted: Entrepreneur for a brave new world

I just finished a call with a young and budding entrepreneur.

As a matter of fact, we’re starting a new company with him soon.

It’s going to be a startup that is playing on a new trend we see emerging now, and we believe it’s going to be big.

By the way: we’re still looking for a programmer, if you’re interested..                  

It reminds me of 2008-2009. I just finished university and I had literally nothing to lose. I started my own company back then in renewable energy.

National television even came up to ask me if I was nuts trying to start a new company in the midst of a crisis.

As a matter of fact, I do believe it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I guess we will see so many bankruptcies in the fall of 2020 that a lot of people will become extremely afraid.

That is the moment the entrepreneur should see the opportunities.

And although the economic side of this crisis still has to come up to speed, I do believe that it is now that entrepreneurs should be buzzing with ideas. How will this even impact our society? What will people do more? What would they want to avoid in the future?

Maybe you have had some ideas in the past that you never put into action.

When there is movement -up or down- there is opportunity. You remember that.

And at this very moment I see for example a huge opportunity in doing online business, delivery services (meal to home deliveries for example, or any delivery service, really!) or helping people to become more and more self-sustainable.

If you have ever played with the idea of starting your own company, this might be the moment you were waiting for.

Because, I repeat: the best moment for a new company to start is now.

There will be ashes, and it’s up to you to rise from those fertile ashes with a great company.

If you have an existing business, however, you will be tested in how adaptable your business still is.

It’s exactly like with nature, the most adaptable creatures always thrive most.

Wherever you are today, take action. You have nothing to lose with taking action. And you have everything to lose by not taking action.

A brave new world is waiting for a lot of entrepreneurs out there.

To freedom,


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