When Was The Last Time You Celebrated?

 I would love to share an experience that touched me a lot last week.
As the year slowly comes to an end, I am starting to make my plans for the next year. 
Making plans is vital. As an entrepreneur, you have to look forward to stay ahead of the pack.  
That is mainly what I do in my business. I am not much of an operational guy. I spend most of the time thinking and working on how we can grow and identifying where our next opportunity lies.
Last week, we had one of the regular meetups at our company. Every last Friday of the month, we host a small celebration with free food and drinks.
The Friday meetup started as a simple idea I had a few years ago. Why not create a small space every month just to have time to catch up with each other? 
At the first event, everyone was exactly how you imagine people are at company events: friendly, reserved and waiting to be entertained so that afterward, they can go home. 
I wouldn’t exactly have described the party as “genuine.”
But as we kept doing it every month, people started really enjoying our meetups. 
We introduced free hotdogs, bonfires and unlimited beer (maybe that helped a bit).
And last week, I was hit by a very strange emotion during our meetup. 
That’s because people now bring their kids and spouses to the event, there is great music and some of them stick around until 2 am
It is strange to say, but it felt like family.
And while I was cooking burgers, a deep sense of gratitude overwhelmed me. 
I felt so grateful to be part of this group of hardworking, honest and beautiful people. 
That is why I ask you: when was the last time you celebrated?
You are an entrepreneur. I know you like to make plans and look ahead. But please create space to stand still, celebrate and take time to express gratitude for all the things that are already good today.
Because where we focus goes, energy flows.
And you want your team to overflow with energy, don’t you?

To freedom,

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