Becoming Unsahakeable

You can become unshakeable

For those reading this newsletter for a few years now, you know that we are firm believers in the principles that guided the Stoics when their mind was troubled.
Amongst the Stoics were the world’s best entrepreneurs, emperors, philosophers, warlords, queens, and presidents. Yes, many of them are also female.
If you don’t like these role models, you’re reading the wrong newsletter.
I couldn’t avoid smiling today. In one of the (many) letters we receive these days, I was reading the impatience this person had in seeing results in her work.
She was working for almost a month now and still couldn’t see the results she desired. 
Almost a complete month. Can you imagine?
Another person that wrote to us was telling about how he was becoming really restless after 5 weeks in quarantine. Restless, uneasy, feeling that he didn’t know what to do, really.
Listen, we all have these feelings. That’s normal and human. There is, however, a general truth we need to be reminded of, especially in these times.
If you experience these feelings of impatience, restlessness, uneasiness with oneself. Or simply being unsatisfied with where you are in life today, then I’ll repeat what the stoics wrote down 2000 years ago:

  1. You are exactly where you need to be today 
  2. TTT – Things Take Time

Good things take time, and all the actions you took up until today brought you here, right where you are reading this carefully crafted newsletter. 
Although simple, there is an incredible amount of happiness for the taking if you can capture this wisdom. 
It is harder than you think because being completely ok with yourself is something that very, very few people can achieve. Some call it inner peace, others call it self-love, others call it self-balance.
It doesn’t matter how you call it, but I know you crave for it, too.
In allowing these feelings, we actually believe we should be somewhere different today. And that is a lie because you aren’t. De facto.
Imaginably, you still have a vast amount of untapped potential left. 
Therefore, a short exercise you could do is to take a white sheet of paper and draw a vertical line in the middle from top to bottom.
Write on the left side of what you already like so much in your life. On the right side, you write down all the things that you would like to see in your lie that would definitely make it even better.
Now, if you cannot write something on either of those columns, you are doomed to be unhappy. 
If you have things written down on both sides, be grateful for having beautiful things already in your life. And then be grateful for your dreams and aspirations. Don’t be exhausted by them and the feeling you haven’t reached them yet. 
The worst thing that can happen to you is that you wake up and discover that all the dreams you ever had are fulfilled.
Because a second later, you would die to have another worthy goal ahead of you. Another exciting destination to start a journey towards.
Remember that you are exactly on track. Right there where you are now.
To freedom,

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