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How my great-great-Grandfather made his fortune

One of the most beautiful memories I have as a child was going to the Mountains of Austria every year with my family. 
We always went with the whole family: my aunts and uncles, my nieces and nephews, and my grandmother.
It was my grandmother who paid for the trip every year. She was a relatively rich woman, although no one could ever tell. She lived a simple life, and she still does up until today.
I have always been very interested in why some people could go on a skiing holiday and others couldn’t. In my class at school, I was the only kid who could go skiing. 
The day my grandmother first explained how her grandfather made his money, I was listening very carefully. And therefore, I remember every word she told our family then. 
“Bompa” is what people call a grandfather sometimes in Belgium, and so did she. There is no English word that can match the beauty of Bompa, so I’ll stick to it.
‘Bompa’ worked a normal job throughout the day, she told us. But on Saturdays, he would put his beautiful clothes and his high hat on and would leave for Brussels on the early morning tram 56. 
Back in the 1910s and 1920s, you would have to go in person to the Stock Exchange. There was no internet, there was barely a phone here and there.
But Bompa went every Saturday to the Brussels Stock Exchange buying and learning how this wonderful place was developing. 
He was a man of no schooling, he wasn’t born wealthy at all, and he had no economical background. But he went there and taught himself how to trade on the stock market.
He listened and watched what other traders were doing and buying, and he had a feeling for spending the little money he had very carefully and wisely.
He did this his whole life, my grandmother continued, every Saturday, he added a little to the pot. 
He became a very wealthy man.
Unfortunately, Bompa wasn’t my grandmother’s natural grandfather, so she inherited virtually nothing of his fortune, but that’s a side note that only affects me 🙂
The lesson I learned back then, listening to my grandmother, is that the stock market has been for over a hundred years the place where vast fortunes are made if you play it right.
Knowing how to play it right is difficult, so I stayed away from it most of my life. 
And then I met Alex. 
Alex took the effort and the time to explain to me how this wonderful world worked. He explained to me that you build a portfolio for the long term, by adding a little to it every month, and buying with a strategy, not with driven by FOMO.   
This week, we launch a new product. We called it the Gemini Stock investor, and it’s a monthly subscription, where we tell you what we buy, why we buy it, and how we build our portfolio. 
From next month, it will be a bargain at only 49$ a month. Most other services out there are well above 200$ to even 500$ a month for something we believe is often not worth it.
With the Gemini Stock Investor, we have a mission. We want normal people to enter the stock market just like Bompa did. We want them to stick with us for the long run and build a portfolio over the years to come that they can hand over to their children and grandchildren.
That is why we do this. So that your grandchildren can listen to your story when you pay for the skiing holiday somewhere in the mountains. Heck, you could pay for a yearly week in Disneyland too, if they like it more.
Whatever this beautiful moment will be in your life, you can start building on it as from this week.
And because we really hope that everybody can acquire this, we are doing something crazy here.
For our readers that are signing up this month (and this month only), we are now offering the first six months for only 9$/month. That’s ridiculous.
If that is still not feasible for you, then Beyond Entrepreneurs is definitely not for you. 
We’re opening up tomorrow, so stay tuned for when this email hits your inbox!
To (generational) freedom,


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