Want Our Help Picking Stocks For You?

Wow. In the span of just two months, we have gone from recession to depression to recovery to euphoria.
What a ride.
As an investor, you might feel like you’ve seen it all.
Or maybe you feel like you missed out.
But trust me, you didn’t.
Yes, the stock market has gone up, but there are still tremendous opportunities out there for those who are willing to put in the work.
For example, with everything going on in the world, most investors aren’t paying attention to Hong Kong.

But prices in some sectors have taken a big hit as investors fear the seemingly never-ending reach of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing.
Right now, Hong Kong is offering us a unique chance to buy extremely high-quality long-term assets at a huge discount to what they’re actually worth.
These are the kinds of assets, I’d feel comfortable leaving to my children. I believe they have tremendous staying power and value.
That brings us back to the question Wiet and I get asked pretty much every day – “what exactly should you buy?”
I’ve been researching, investing, and putting boots on the ground in emerging countries for over a decade. I travel to dozens of countries every year – and I’ve lived in places like China, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and Singapore among others.

Finding opportunities in overlooked markets is my specialty.
So at the request of members of our Gemini Masterclass, our flagship educational service, we’ve decided to launch a new product: the Gemini Stock Investor.
As the name implies, this monthly subscription service will be dedicated to bringing you the best opportunities in the stock market available today.
In this service, you will learn to invest in assets most investors never get their hands on. It is a result of years of experience and research and brings together the best from our international network.

And we’ll show you exactly what to buy – both for your Financial Freedom Fund and your Venture Fund. 
It will be short – just 4 pages per issue. This way, you don’t have to scroll through dozens of pages to understand why we’re recommending a specific stock.
All you’ll have to do is log in to your brokerage account and buy it. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.
We will release the first issue next week, on June 17, and members will receive a new issue once a month.
The price of the service will be $49/month.

Frankly, if you have more than a few thousand dollars to invest – this will be a bargain.
But to kick off our launch and reward our readers, we’re going to give an 80% discount to anyone who signs up in June. 
We want you to try it and see if you like it. So we’ll be giving it to you for just $9/month for the first six months.
On top of that, we’re including a starter portfolio in the first Issue so that you can get started building a proper portfolio from scratch the moment you receive the first issue.
We’re going to be sending out the sign-up link to Gemini Stock Investor next week. 
So if you’re interested in getting the first 6 issues for just $9/month including a starter portfolio, make sure to sign up next Wednesday when the offer opens.
To freedom,

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