The Happy Entrepreneur: Myth or Reality?

Alex and I were working around the clock last weekend to get everything out to our premium subscribers of the Beyond Entrepreneur: Mastermind.
Every first day of the month, we send them a hefty, actionable and beautiful Blueprint. In it, we go into depth on how to switch from being only an entrepreneur to an Entrepreneur-Investor. 
We worked long hours but it didn’t bother us.
The reason why we don’t mind working so hard is actually twofold:

  1. We don’t have to do this
  2. We believe truly that what we do is great work

Imagine that you would not get paid for the work you do today. Would you still do it?
If the answer is no, read on. You’re going to like this. If the answer is yes, please keep doing what you do and send us an e-mail with your story because I have a feeling we will like each other.
For the record, we definitely would. In fact, all the money we make from this business is just reinvested in the business itself.
Most people can’t imagine doing something without getting paid for it. But if you can, the world opens up. Because that must be truly meaningful work, no?
I know, you need money to live and pay the bills, housing, travel, food. Of course, we do too.
But envision yourself having a portfolio of investments that (after-tax) provided just enough to cover all your expenses.
Assume you would need 3.000 euros per month to pay for all your bills as I do. Making 3.000 euros from my investments does not put me in a position to afford excessive luxuries, but it does set me free. 
It allows me to do all my normal activities including paying my utilities, housing, holidays, expenses for the kids and buying some salmons (I make my own smoked salmons in winter).
It doesn’t allow me to buy a Ferrari, but I prefer my Volkswagen California anyway.
I think you get the point here.
From there on, you could work on anything you would describe as great work. And I’ll be completely honest with you. I work a lot, but I don’t hustle…ever.
I work a lot because our work fulfills at least two of my six human needs as often mentioned by Tony Robbins: Connection and Contribution.  
(I’ll write about those 6 human needs next week morein depth)
And yes, sometimes I also need a holiday from work. But I know I can take a holiday anytime I want to.
That feeling, knowing that you are free to work solely on the things you deem worthy, knowing that you can take a holiday when you feel like it, makes all the difference.
Both the Entrepreneur-Investor lifestyle and our teachings are not about getting rich. It can make you rich, sure. But it’s first and foremost about freedom. True freedom. And that my friend, makes for a happy entrepreneur.
Enjoy December. It’s the most beautiful month of the year.
To freedom,

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